Safety & Health Policy

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It is the policy of United Resources to comply with all Workplace Safety and Health Acts and Regulations, wherever applicable. We will undertake all that is reasonably practical, in order to prevent personal injury, damage to property and harm to the environment.

Our aim is to protect all individuals, including employees, contractors, clients and members of the public from risks by identifying perceived hazards and implementing appropriate preventive and corrective action where required.

United Resources is committed to maintain a Safe, Healthy and Secure workplace through:

  • Developing a strong Safety, Health and Security culture in the workplace
  • Development and implementation of appropriate Safe Work Procedures and Emergency Response Plans
  • Providing necessary skills, training, supervision, equipment and facilities to undertake work activities safely
  • Ensuring communication of polices throughout organization for effective implementation of polices
  • Actively promoting social cohesiveness and healthy living
  • Monitoring and constantly improve the effectiveness of Safety, Health and Security provision within the workplace

It is the duty of employees, contractors, clients of the company to co-operate in the implementation of such policies by:

  • Cooperating and adhering with UR’s Safety & Health Polices
  • Work safely and responsibly
  • Reporting incidents, accidents and any unsafe work procedures
  • Assisting in the implementation of corrective and / or preventive action in order to minimize identified hazards through risk assessment
  • Participating in Company organized training aids and programs