60 Gallon Paint & Ink Safety Cabinet

• Distinct red colour to identify high flammable paints and aerosols
• Additional shelves for storage of 1 gallon paint or ink cans, or for aerosol cans
• Reinforced double wall construction with ½” space on sides, top, bottom, back and doors
• Constructed of heavy duty 18-gauge steel with lead-free, high gloss, baked on powder finish
• Internal and external welded construction with continuous piano hinges
• Four adjustable galvanized leveling legs
• Two 2” internal vents with fire baffle and cap
• Adjustable galvanized steel shelves that hold 350 lbs (159 kgs)
• Uniformed Distributed Load (UDL)
• 2” raised leakproof sill
• Flushed mounted door handle with key lock and three-point latch system
• Four centers for shelf brackets
• Trilingual warning labels
• Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Requirements
• FM Approved
• 100% Made in U.S.A



• For safe storage of flammable liquids, specifically Paints & Inks
• Keep dangerous liquids safely organized and segregated
• Ensure safe evacuation time in the event of a fire
• Provide compliance with federal OSHA regulations and the National Fire Protection Association
• Increase maximum allowable quantities of flammable and combustible liquids in control areas
• Improve efficiency by locating materials near point-of-use
• Identify and warn of flammable contents and improve security with locking mechanism

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
PI-47 60 Gallon Paint & Ink Safety Cabinet
Red, 2-doors Manual close, 5 shelves


External Dimensions 43” / 109cm (W)
  18” / 46cm (D)
  65” / 165cm (H)
Internal Dimensions 40” / 102cm (W)
  15” / 38cm (D)
  62” / 157.5cm (H)
Shelf Depth 14¾” / 37.5cm
Weight 353 lbs / 160.5 kgs

Additional Information

• Cabinet capacity is based on the number of 1 gallon cans.