Clare L.T Valve Lubricant
(Low Temperature Valve Lubricant)


  • Silica-based lubricant with graphite added lubricant, designed for cold weather environments
  • Unique pseudo-plasticity when sheared, breaks the gel and allows ease of movement; but on cessation of shear, immediately recovers its original viscosity
  • Non-melting and stable
  • Does not contain harmful or volatile solvents.


• Designed for valve applications at extremely low temperatures, where pumpability and lubricant hardening is an issue.

• Ideal especially for wells that have been shut down for long.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
LTV-12.5 12.5kg pail


Thickener Silica
Worked Penetration (25°C) 265 – 295
Base Fluids Synthetic
Base Oil Kinematic Viscosity (40°C) 30 cSt
Base Oil Pour PointPour Point -60

Additional Information

Additional Information