Clare OPG2000 Open Gear 2000


  • High performance grease made from a very high viscosity base oil with a unique thixotropic base and special lubricating solids, designed specifically for the ardous conditions found on open gears
  • Semi-dry surface minimizing pick up of dirt and grit in hostile environments
  • Adheres strongly to surfaces even in wet conditions, resisting shock loading and water wash-off
  • Does not contain hazardous substances such as lead, volatile solvents or bitumen
  • Extreme wear protection and load carrying abilities; non-melting, no drop point
  • Does not contain harmful or volatile solvents


For use on various open gear applications, where high load/shock resistant and non-fling or non-drip lubricant is needed

  • Hoist, drag and crowd gears, dip-per sticks and swing racks on earth moving machinery.
  • Open gears, girth gears, rack and pinions etc. which are found in all types of industrial applications.
  • All types and sizes of open gears in harsh environments, including strong underwater currents and large gears operating under high loads in extreme conditions (e.g. offshore winches, drilling rig jacking teeth, etc).

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
OPG-12.5 12.5kg pail


Thickener Inorganic
Drop Point Non-melting
Consistency NLGI 2
Worked Penetration (25°C) 265 – 295
Min. Operating Temp. -15°C
Additives Extreme Pressure
  Oxidation Inhibitor

Additional Information

Additional Information