Clare SW2-LF Saltwater Resistant Lubricant


  • Specifically developed for lubrication in corrosive, salt water conditions
  • Contains advanced corrosion protection additive; resistant to alkaline solutions and acidic vapour
  • “State of the Art” structure-modifying additive that provides superior wash off resistance and excellent sealing properties against warm or cold water
  • Lithium and Calcium Soap Complex provides extreme thermal stability and pressure properties
  • Does not contain harmful or volatile solvents


Beneficial for applications subjected to high level of corrosion and erosion from direct and indirect seawater exposure

  • Manual lubrication or using Viper Wire Rope Lubricator for wire ropes operating in submerged conditions
  • Rolling elements and plain bearings
  • Open gears
  • Threaded spindles
  • Sliding mechanism

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
SW2-12.5 12.5kg pail


Thickener Lithium Calcium Complex
Worked Penetration 278
Copper Corrosion 24hrs (60°C 1a
EMCOR 5% NaCl 00 (no corrosion)
Oil Separation 168hrs (40°C) 5.8%
Timken OK Load 50 lbS
Temp. Range -25°C to 120°C
Drop Point 180°C
Base Oil Viscosity (40°C) 190 cSt

Additional Information

Additional Information