Clare Valve Sealant
(Premium Gate Valve Sealant)


  • Design as Corrective Maintenance solution to severely leaking gate valve
  • Fully resistant to all types of produced hydrocarbons, and also to high levels of H2S and CO2
  • Tested on API 6A Gate Valve with a severely damaged seat component (cut depth of 0.75mm) and 701-L was able to hold 5,000 psi (pressure limit of the valve)
  • Extends cavity retention with 701’s physical texture and high metal adhesion
  • Enhanced lubricating property protects the sealing surfaces during further functioning of the valve under high differential pressure.


  • Used to seal and temporarily stop leakage of severely leaking valves, usually caused by heavily corroded,
    damaged sealing surface.
  • May also be used for emergency sealing for Ball & Plug valves, but elastomer compatibility with 701-L
    must be checked first.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
701L-18 18kg pail


Thickener Bentone
Penetration (25°C) 270-295
Texture Smooth
Base Oil Viscosity (40°C) 192cSt
Viscosity Index 96
Copper Corrosion (IP112) PASS
MeanHertz Load (IP239) 80
Pour Point -9°C

Additional Information

Additional Information