Clareguard GRL High Performance Wire Rope Lubricant


  • Specifically developed with study of wire ropes operating under adverse conditions
  • Thixotropic Properties; retains grease thickness when stationary on ropes but thins on shearing, allowing grease penetration into rope cores during application
  • Highly water adhesive and high water wash-out resistance
  • Extreme performance corrosion inhibitor system that displays degree of syneresis which permits controlled migration of corrosion inhibitors to uncoated surfaces
  • Does not contain solids that could cause unnecessary stress and damage to rope strands
  • Does not contain harmful or volatile solvents


  • For optimum results, use Viper Wire Rope Lubricator to enable pressurized lubrication for lubricant penetration into core of wire rope.
  • Can also be manually applied on wire ropes.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
GRL-12.5 12.5kg pail
GRL-18 18kg pail
GRL-180 180kg pail


Thickener Inorganic, non-soap
Consistency NLGI 1.5 (Static)
  NLGI 0.5 (Dynamic)
Working Temp. Range Up to 80°C
Flash Point 200°C min. (closed) cup)

Additional Information

Additional Information