Cortec VPCI 307 Corrosion Inhibiting Powder for Multi-Metals


VpCI-307 Vapor multi-metal Corrosion Inhibitor powder protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion in recessed areas, interior cavities, and voids.


VpCI-307 provides an extremely efficient dry method to protect metals within an enclosed space. The VpCI vaporizes and adsorbs on all metal surfaces; reaching all exposed areas, including recessed sections and interior cavities.


• Does not contain silicates, phosphates, nitrites, or heavy metals
• Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection

• Creates monomolecular inhibiting layer
• Vapor phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
• If VpCI layer is disturbed by moisture or opening the enclosed space, the layer is replenished by continuous vapor redeposition
• Little or no surface preparation is required
• Easy to apply
•VpCI layer does not need to be removed prior to processing or use
• Very easily removed by air gun or water
• VpCI layer does not interfere with operation of mechanical components
• Provides multimetal protection
• Meets MIL I-22110C.



• Bottom plate protection of above-ground petroleum storage tanks
• Tubular structures, pipes, and vessels
• Internal surfaces of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers, and heat exchangers
• Dry lay-up of closed circuit cooling systems
• Equipment protection after hydrostatic testing
• Cavities and void spaces on ships, barges, offshore platforms, sewage plants, dams, etc.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
VPCI-307-5 Cortec VPCI 307 Corrosion Inhibiting Powder for Multi-Metals (5lbs packet)
VPCI-307-50 Cortec VPCI 307 Corrosion Inhibiting Powder for Multi-Metals (50lbs pail)


Metals Protected • Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Copper
• Brass
• Aluminum
• Cast iron
• Silver
• Galvanized steel
• Tinplate
Dosage Protects up to 1 ft3 (28 liter) per 0.3-0.5 oz. (8.4 –
14.2 g) of powder (300-500 g/m3) of interior space.
Typical Properties Appearance White to off-white powder
pH 6-7 (1% aqueous)
Solubility in Water at 20ºC <1%

Additional Information

Apply powder by dusting, fogging or sprinkling. After application simply cover, close, or seal the interior cavity or void.
Fogging is easily achieved with a low pressure air hose and sandblast cup. Large conventional sandblasting
systems can also be used. VmCI-307 can be easily removed by using a low pressure air gun or water rinse.