Cortec VpCI 386 Acrylic Primer / Top-Coat


VpCI-386 is a unique water-based acrylic primer/ topcoat that successfully provides protection in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. The complex mixture of non-toxic organic inhibitors offers protection that can compete with most paints and zinc-rich primers.


• Fast-drying, non-flammable
• UV resistant when dried
• Forms non-flammable, protective barrier
• Optimal outdoor performance
• Clear coating allows visual inspection of metal substrate
• Available in standard and custom colors
• NSN 8030-01-481-8897



VpCI-386 can be used as a topcoat/primer. When solvent-based topcoats are applied over VpCI-386, compatibility must be checked. VpCI-386 can also be used as a topcoat with Cortec® VpCI-374 as a primer.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
VPCI-386-5 Cortec VpCI 386 Acrylic Primer / Top-Coat (5 gal. pail)
VPCI-386-55 Cortec VpCI 386 Acrylic Primer / Top-Coat (55 gal. drum)


Metals Protected • Carbon steel
• Cast iron
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Galvanized steel*
• Copper
Typical Properties  
Appearance Liquid, various colors
pH 8.5-9.7 (Neat)
Density 8.0-10.5 lb/gal / (0.96-1.26 kg/l)
Non-volatile Content 32-50%
Dry Film Thickness 1.5-3.0 mils (per coat) (37.5-75 microns)
Theoretical Spread Rate 187-374 ft2/gal @ 1.5-3 mils (4.6-9.3 m2/l
  @ 37.5-75 microns)
Dry to Touch Time 30 minutes @ 77°F (25°C) at 2 mils (50 microns)
Fully Cured 7 days @ 77°F (25°C) 55% RH
Temperature Stability 45°F-90°F (7°C-32°C)
VOC (regulatory) 1 1.6-1.8 lb/gal (167-216 g/l)
VOC (actual) 0.6-0.8 lb/gal (72-96 g/l)
Viscosity 700-3,000 cps (6 rpm/#2)
Temperature Resistance -150°F to 350°F
(Fully Cured) (-78°C to 180°C)

Additional Information

Method of Application

Note: Make sure dew point is more than 5°F (2°C) less than air temperature for application.
Power agitate to a uniform consistency using a “squirrel cage” type mixer, hand-held drill mixer, or other equivalent method.
VpCI-386 can be applied by spray , roll, brush, or dip.
*Use a coat of VpCI-373 green before using VpCI-386 on galvanized.