Eurolube F3100 Safe Acid Neutralizer

• Safe & Effective – safe acid neutralizer formulation enables effective but controlled rates of reactions
• pH Colour Indicator – contains pH indicator which changes colour across pH range, indicating acidity or alkalinity of solution
• Versatile – easy to use and safe for neutralization on most hard surfaces
• Effluent – friendly – does not cause septic tank problems; does not contain phosphates



• A safe-to-use and effective acid neutralizer within-built pH colour indicator
• Ideal for neutralization of corrosive chemical spillages prior recovery.
• Also can be used for pH control for water systems, septic, drainage,etc

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
F3100-5L Eurolube F3100 Safe Acid Neutralizer, 5L Carboy 4 x 5L carboy / case
F3100-25L Eurolube F3100 Safe Acid Neutralizer, 25L Carboy 25L carboy
F3100-200L Eurolube F3100 Safe Acid Neutralizer, 200L Drum 200L drum
F3100-1000L Eurolube F3100 Safe Acid Neutralizer, 1000L IBC Tank 1000L IBC Tank


Appearance Pink Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.84
pH Factor 9
Odour Characteristic
Flammability Non-Flammable

Additional Information

1. Pour equivalent volume of neat solution as to acid/alkali spillage volume
2. Allow 10–20 minutes for neutralization reaction to occur
3. Observe neutralizer colour indictor change (pH < 8.0 – clear; pH > 8 – pink)
4.Repeat process if necessary (i.e.neutralization process not complete)
Note: recommended to use pH paper/testing equipment for verification prior further handling or processing