Eurolube Oil Spill Dispersant Natural Citrus Solvent

• Solvent-based Oil Spill Dispersant for viscous, heavier oil contaminants
• High dispersion capacity up to 1:2.4 (DISP:OIL) with 6 parts dilution with seawater
• Uses natural, biodegradable citrus and proprietary emulsifiers to replace conventional flammable, toxic petroleum products and solvents (Type II Dispersant)
• Ready to use product with relatively high flash point Lab-tested to comply with dispersant specifications under The Prevention of the Pollution of the Sea Regulation



Suitable for oil dispersion at sea, at shore and in port, either on or off board.

During accidental oil spills during loading or discharging cargo or bunkers.

Oil spills on deck areas, soiled bulkheads, deck plates and gratings.

Coastal and seaborne oil deposits.

Applicable to mineral oils, crude oils, fuel oils, kerosene, white spirit and lubricant oils.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description
F3070-5L 4 x 5L carboy / case
F3070-25L 25L carboy
F3070-200L 200L drum
F3070-1000L 1000L IBC Tank



Additional Information

Additional Information