Eurolube TUFF Rust Remover


  • Etches, degreases and cleans corroded and rusty metals, 3-in-1 operation
  • Blend of rust penetrators, emulsifiers and passivators
  • Optimum concentration for quick and effective results while maintaining relatively safe operations
  • Non-flammable and no flash point
  • Concentrated and water-dilutable to cater to wide extent of rust conditions


Quick, effective but relatively safety de-rusting of steel and steel alloys (i.e. carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel.

Ideal to remove rust on painted surfaces without damaging paint.

10 – 20% dilution suitable for metal brightening and buffing (i.e. steel, aluminum, zinc).

NOTE: Always test product concentration on small area first. Prolonged exposure will cause corrosion to surface.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Packing Size
F5132-5L 4 x 5L carboy / case
F5132-25L 25L carboy
F5132-200L 200L drum
F5132-1000L 1000L IBC Tank



Additional Information

Additional Information