Haz-Mat / Chemical Absorbent Pillows

• Absorbent Pillows have higher capacity, larger surface area and great capillary abilities to soak up fluids quickly
• Tough, chemical resistant polypropylene cover resists chemicals and tearing and holds fluids within, even when saturated
• Compact design fully packed with absorbent filler with UVA resistant cover
• Surfactant-treated to become chemically inert to handle aggressive fluids
• Hi-visible green colour for clear identification of hazardous materials spillage
• Quick ability to soak up high volumes via Absorption & Adsorption Technology
• Stable for prolonged storage; temperature and humidity resistant
• Incinerated to less than 0.02% ash. High BTU value, 22,000 BTUs per round
• Melt-blown Polypropylene Construction
• 100% Made in U.S.A



• Usable for any indoor environment
• Ideal for handling aggressive chemicals
• Ideal for potential high capacity spillages or catching persistent point-leakages (e.g. collection, reservoirs, and troughs, underneath pipelines or valve openings of machines where potential spill surge occurs).
• Pillows can also be placed under Spill Containment
• Pallets for easy clearing of drips and leaks from storage container above the pallets.

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
PIL509 DAWG Haz-Mat / Chemical Absorbent Pillows, 9″ x 9′, 32pcs/case 32 pcs / case
PIL518 DAWG Haz-Mat / Chemical Absorbent Pillows, 18″ x 18′, 16pcs/case 16 pcs / case


Dimension 9” x 9”, 18” X 18”
Absorbency 8 gal / case, 16 gal / case

Additional Information

Additional Information