Haz-Mat / Chemical Absorbent Rolls

• Pads are surfactant-treated to become chemically inert to handle aggressive fluids
• Hi-visible green colour for clear identification of hazardous materials spillage
• Quick ability to soak up high volumes via Absorption & Adsorption Technology
• Stable for prolonged storage; temperature and humidity resistant
• Replaces messy and wasteful conventional cleaning methods
• Incinerated to less than 0.02% ash. High BTU value, 22,000 BTUs per round
• Melt-blown Polypropylene Construction
• 100% Made in U.S.A



• Absorbent Rolls are the alternative form of absorbent pads for quick and easy deployment over a large area
• Perforation allows you to choose the desired length needed
• Ideal to line under leaky pipes or fittings, and to surround fluids handling areas such as fluids testing bays, mud pump, drilling floor, washing bay, etc
• Applicable for indoor environments

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
ROL530P Premium Haz-Mat / Chemical Heavy-weight Absorbent Roll, 30″ (W) x 150′ (L), 1 roll/bale 1 ROLL / BAG
ROL515P Premium Haz-Mat / Chemical Heavy-weight Absorbent Roll, 15″ (W) x 150′ (L), 2 rolls/bale 2 ROLLS / BAG



Additional Information

Common Liquids Absorbed:

  • Hazardous and Aggressive Chemicals
  • Water-based Industrial liquids
  • Coolants and Solvents
  • Transmission and Hydraulic
  • Oils, Gasoline, Kerosene
  • Lubricants and Paints
  • Water