Rigging/Lifting Equipment – Inspection, Testing & Services

• Wire Rope Lubrication
• Magnetic Integrity Testing / Non-Destructive Load Testing
• Testing and Inspection of Rigging Gear and Anchor Points (i.e. shackles, wire rope, lifting belts, chains and blocks) in accordance with relevant standards – MOM, ABS, DNV, etc
• Crane Load Testing
• Equipment Registry Management System & Services
• Rigging/Lifting Equipment Preservation & Maintenance Services



Rigging & Lifting comprises the system of ropes, cables and chains, which is an intimate part of daily work operations, and concerns the safety of operational crew. It is therefore essential to ensure that all equipment and gear used are not only functioning as intended, but also be safe for use. International labour laws and guidelines have raised awareness and the importance of proper rigging.

United Resources’ philosophy lies in Asset Preservation and Lifetime Extension through Innovative Preventive Maintenance. Leveraging on our comprehensive range of modern maintenance equipment and UR’s team of experienced riggers, our aim is to deliver cost-effective solutions, pinpoint to our client’s specific needs.