Safety Equipment – Inspection, Servicing & Certification

• Servicing & Calibration of Gas Detectors
• Inspection, Servicing & Certification of Fall Protection Equipment (e.g. Harness/Lanyard, Fall Arresters, Tripods, etc)
• Inspection & Servicing, Hydrostatic Testing, Refilling & Fit Test of SCBAs & EEBDs
• Life-Jackets Inspection & Servicing
• Immersion Suit Inspection & Servicing
• Servicing, Hydrostatic Testing & Refilling of Portable Extinguishers



Safety Equipment are essentially emergency equipment, which at critical moments have to perform its intend life-saving functions. As such, it is utmost importance the Safety Equipment are properly maintained, inspected and serviced according to its product and regulatory requirements. Equipped with a team of competent and experienced technicians, we deliver reliable and complete end-to-end services, giving our clients a sense of assurance and efficiency.