SOPEP 12-Barrel Oil Spill Response Kit

• Largest unit in the Spill Kit family
• Comply to IMO / OPA90 requirements for Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
• Compacted, ergonomic design to include comprehensive range of items needed to handle medium to large onshore/offshore spills
• Durable and chemical resistant HDPE construction for long-term outdoor usage
• Lockable wheeled unit for maximum mobility and readiness
• SOPEP 12-Barrel Oil Spill Response Kit absorbs up to 1,178 Litres (310 Gallons) per kit.
• Spill bins can be used as temporary disposal / storage of used absorbents
• Spill Kit Customization option to cater to specific requirements



• Used mainly for offshore vessels and tankers in compliance to IMO / OPA90 requirements for Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.

• Regulation 37 of MARPOL Annex I requires that oil tankers of 150 gross tonnage and above and all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above carry an approved Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP).

As part of this contingency planning, vessels under 400′ require a 7 Barrel (1100 ltr) Marine Spill Kit. Vessels above 400′ require a 12 barrel (1900 ltr) Marine Spill Kit. 1 barrel for inland oil barges

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
SOPEP-12S SOPEP 12-Barrel Oil Spill Response Kit kit


Kit Content
1000 Absorbent Pads, 41 x 51cm (16” x 20”)
12 8-inch diameter Oil-Only Skimming Booms, 13cm x 3m (5” x 10”)
6 Pair Goggles
6 Pair Nitrile Gloves
6 Provek Disposable Chemical Coverall (Type 516)
15 Disposal Bags With String
1 Emergency Response Handbook With String
1 Eurolube F3080 Environ-Oil Spill Dispersant (25 ltrs)
1 Hozelock Viton 10L Chemical Sprayer
1 Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser (750ml)
1 Extra Large HDPE Yellow Spill Bin With Wheels

Additional Information

Common useful spill response items for customization:

• Eurolube F3080 Environ Oil- Spill Dispersant (500ml, 5L, 25L)
• Eurolube F1110 Citrus-Clean Bio-Degreaser (500ml, 5L, 25L)
• Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Waterless Hand Cleaner (750ml)
• Hozelock Viton Chemical Resistant Sprayer
• Disposable Coveralls
• Half-mask Respirators
• Absorbent Granulars
• Non-spark Shovels
• Rubber Boots
• Yellow Hazardous Waste Disposal Bags w String
• Buckets and many more