Universal Absorbent SOCs

• Absorbent SOCs are flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids
• SOCs mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces
to soak up spills and drips, preventing fluid from escaping to other areas
• Tough, chemical resistant polypropylene cover resists chemicals and tearing and holds fluids within, even when saturated
• All-purpose absorbents that absorbs all industrial fluids (water-based and petroleum based)
• Industrial gray colour masks fluids spill, enabling longer usage and maximum utilization
• Quick ability to soak up high volumes via Absorption & Adsorption Technology
• Stable for prolonged storage; temperature and humidity resistant
• Incinerated to less than 0.02% ash. High BTU value, 22,000 BTUs per round
• Melt-blown Polypropylene Construction
• 100% Made in U.S.A



• Usable for any indoor environment
• Due to its flexible nature, Absorbent SOCs usually serve to barricade a spillage area to prevent the spill from spreading (e.g. wrap around bases of machinery, covering corners, lining along drain edges to prevent spill from entering drainage, etc).

Product Details

Product Code(s) Product Description Packing Size
SOC3304-12 DAWG Universal Absorbent SOCs, 3″ x 4′, 12pcs/case 12 pcs / case
SOC3304-30 DAWG Universal Absorbent SOCs, 3″ x 4′, 30pcs/case 30 pcs / case
SOC3308-15 DAWG Universal Absorbent SOCs, 3″ x 8′, 15pcs/case 15 pcs / case


Dimension Absorbency
3” x 4’ 10 gal / case
3” x 4’ 25.2 gal / case
 3” x 8’ 25.2 gal / case

Additional Information

Additional Information